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Intelligent Firewall


The Fire Detection System is referred to as a collection of electronic components that is responsible for detecting fire at various locations. Fire extinguishing systems are widely used in buildings and residential and industrial buildings to minimize damage caused by fire and also to inform residents of the building in case of fire from these systems, to the extent possible. Prevent death from death.

Systems and safety net for detecting, reporting and fire fighting, and industrial protective systems


Given the growing population, the need to build residential, administrative, educational, industrial and commercial spaces, and the need to equip them and secure them against accidents such as earthquakes, flood and fire is inevitable. Given that all buildings, regardless of the type of use, are designed for use by people with different habits, the implementation of an integrated system for protection and safety is mandatory under the name of the fire alarm system network using valid equipment.

Launch of prevention systems


Safety advice for buildings and buildings, design, supply and execution of specialized equipment

Selection of company activities

Safety advice for buildings and structures, design, supply and execution of specialized equipment.

Fire safety systems and networks for detection, fire detection and industrial protection systems.

  • Intelligent Firewall
  • Protective, security and environmental controls in the form of BMS
  • Wireless and addressable wireless systems

Installation of fire extinguishing systems

Installation of various fire extinguishing systems

All-automatic, semi-automatic and manually

  • Intelligent Firewall
  • Protective, security and environmental controls in the form of BMS
  • Wireless and addressable wireless systems
  • System for protecting places, objects and open environments and announcing predefined events
  • To cope with disasters and crises to be expanded and expandable

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Our shell features

Imendiar technical services include:

Installation Installation Design

Design of supply of installation of traffic control and video monitoring systems, intelligent control cameras

the environment

Environment: Provides knowledge-based solutions on topics and areas of safety and protection such as IOT development

Carry out all commercial operations

Carry out all commercial operations and supply of safety equipment, announcement and fire extinguishing

Install and run the cover

Install and run anti-fire coatings for building structures and obtain approval from fire department

Intelligence and technical and engineering services

Intelligence and implementation of technical and engineering services and applied research Knowledge development New technologies for designing systems, sites and networks Engineering safety and crisis management Security and protection control systems such as IOT development

Services of technical support of equipment for maintenance and repair

Technical Support Services for the maintenance and repair of fire extinguishing systems and systems and for carrying out all activities related to comprehensive maintenance (TPM) including:

Periodical Services (PS)
Preventive maintenance (PM)
Monitoring system status (CM)
Emergency Repair (EM)

Training and implementation, inspection

Training and implementation, inspection and auditing of standards and standards, and executive and management processes for safety and health and .