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Growing population growth and the need for housing as well as the expansion of administrative, commercial and … places in the metropolis of Tehran, building up
Has followed. Referring to the statistics of the incidents referred to the organization, unfortunately, the lack of awareness of the safety principles
Buildings and sometimes shortages of responsible people cause many accidents and accidents every year and many financial and financial losses
To the respectable citizens.
Fire and safety services organization of Tehran Municipality as an eye for the safety of the city, due to the growth of fire and accidents
All its efforts are focused on observing safety tips in the architecture, structure and accessibility of new and existing urban applications.
And hopes that with the cooperation of all relevant institutions, including the Organization of Science, National Building Regulations, Organization
Standard, Municipality, Building and Housing Research Center, witnesses the increasing development of urban safety, especially in urban structures
A set of fire safety regulations are divided into three sections: safety engineering standards, safety regulations for mechanical installations and regulations
The safety of electrical installations has been collected.
Fire suppression system regulations include fire-fighting rules that include water reservoirs, water pumps, plumbing
And fire extinguishing fittings and boxes in parking lots and floors, as well as sprinklers or sprinklers that are considered as one of
The most important components of building protection against fire are known. The existence of a rainwater system provided that it is in
It is carefully maintained, it is effective in the development of safety, which in some major European countries since World War II
So far, no deaths from fire in these buildings have been reported even for one case.
Obviously, the collection of such collections is never empty, and the organization hopes to rely on suggestions and
Your valuable guidance Dear engineers and audiences, By modifying and rewriting these terms, in the best and most complete way.
Take this set up.
In the end, thanks to the support of Mr. Sharifzadeh, the CEO of the Organization and the gentlemen of Tawasi, Maqviz, Nikbakht, Bentonibi,
Department of Research and Studies, Department of Prevention and other loved ones who have tried to collect and set up this collection.
It turns out.

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